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Welcome to LiaLab Education

Allow me to introduce myself to you. Get to know me better and see if LiaLab will be a good fit for your English journey.

My name is Lia and I am from South Africa. In 2019 I relocated to Italy and that was enough reason for me to start teaching English to Italians. I am qualified and experienced as I gained my TEFL (Teaching English Foreign Language) Level 5 certificate in 2021. I started collaborating with private schools to work summer camps and teaching scholars before school starts in September.

Teaching runs in my DNA. My mother’s side of the family are full of principals or teachers, so I guess I also inherited the teaching gene? It has truly become a passion of mine to see my students reach the goal they once thought impossible. I find my students motivated after each lesson and determined to go above and beyond to reach their goals. As a teacher, all you would ever wish for is for your students to succeed and realize that learning a new language CAN be easy.

Nothing is impossible,the word itself says ” I’m possible “.

Audrey Hepburn

My students vary in age. I have had students from 4 years old to 68 years old. It has proven that anyone, no matter the age, can learn a new language. I have created a space for my students by making lessons one-on-one. It’s easiest to track my student’s focus and growth. It also created a safe space to ask questions you have always wondered about in school, work or general.

Get to know me

If what LiaLab is offering is a good fit for you, take you Language Level Test and see what package will suit you best. If you have any other questions that you are unsure about, you can contact me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.